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CD: Sudden Sunsets: Benson AIDS Series

: Highlights of the BENSON AIDS SERIES

NOW available for purchase---a unique
CD of
LIVE performances
of the music of ten deceased composers--all lost to the
HIV/AIDS virus!

Music (click on song title to hear track sample):

1.   Sarah Young: Dear Sarah (mezzo-soprano, psaltery)
2.   Robert Chesley: Nobody Knows This Little Rose (counter-tenor, piano)
3.   Robert Chesley: Autumn (counter-tenor, piano)
4.   Chris DeBlasio: ALL THE WAY THROUGH EVENING: Disappearance of Light
5.   Chris Deblasio: Train Station (baritone, piano)
6.   Chris DeBlasio: An Elegy to Paul Jacobs (baritone, piano)
7.   Chris DeBlasio: Poussin (baritone, piano)
8.   Chris Deblasio: Walt Whitman in 1989 (baritone, piano)
9.   Calvin Hampton: I Will Be Your Mouth Now (mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, French horn, double bass, conductor)
10. Robert Savage: SUDDEN SUNSETS: Day Shift (vocal, flute, clarinet, French horn, double bass; conductor)
11. Robert Savage: Night Shift (flute, clarinet, French horn, double bass; conductor)
12. Michael Seyfrit: Bill (oboe, piano)
13. Deolus Husband: Here Are My Black Clothes (soprano, flute, piano)
14. Chris DeBlasio (Gilbert): Butcher (soprano, piano)
15. Lee Gannon: Echo (mezzo-soprano, piano)
16. Kevin Oldham: Not Even If I Try (baritone, piano)
17. William Turner: Rondeau Redoublé (vocalist, piano)
18. Nicholas Schaffner: Journey's End (vocalist, guitar, flute, clarinet, vocal)

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CD: Composers Of The Holocaust

Composers of the Holocaust presents and performs the songs and instrumental music of composers and poets who perished in the camps of Europe.

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CD: Laura Wolfe - Siren


In the finals for NPR’s All Songs Considered, and supported by College Radio Airplay on over 200 stations and 4 continents, Laura Wolfe is a true urban singer songwriter. Her hit song, "City Child" from her DIY debut SIREN, produced with GRAMMY Award® winner Steve Addabbo (Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega) won an honorable mention in the 2006 Billboard World Songwriting Contest. She was selected to participate in ASCAP’s 2006 extended songwriter’s workshop in NYC, which graduated such notables as Stephen Ferrerar, Senior VP of A&R at RCA. But Laura Wolfe has gone the indie artist route.

A native of New York City’s Lower East Side, Laura comes from a family of musicians and lefty activists who influenced her passion for music at an early age. “I grew up listening to everything from Jimmy Cliff to Brahms. The sounds and vibe of my neighborhood are all over my music. The Lower East Side was rough in the day—gangs, drugs, burnt-out buildings and radical revolutionaries. A bit different from the chic boutiques you see now. But it was also this amazing melting pot of culture, music, and philosophy.” Laura’s debut SIREN reflects the many musical and cultural influences that have shaped her as an artist. “As an over all style I would call it soulful” (Steve Addabbo).

Laura left New York City to earn a BA in Original Performance from Oberlin College. “I was glad to go to school in the cornfields, although I definitely went through culture shock. I had grown up in a rough neighborhood, and when I came back home from college I realized I had changed. I was discovering my identity on all levels. To filter the changes I was going through I began writing songs.” During college Laura was selected to perform her songs at The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, and went on to tour Europe with the Broadway road production of Hair.

Laura has been making a name for herself playing all the key venues in New York City such as Joe’s Pub, The Knitting Factory, The Cutting Room, The Bitter End, CB’s 313 Gallery and Cornelia Street Cafe. Regionally, she has played The House of Blues in Boston, Fire and Water Café in Northampton, MA, and Café Du Nord in San Francisco, CA. She has performed at Carnegie Hall and The Tribeca Performing Arts Center, as a soloist with the Lavender Light Gospel Choir.  "The Dawn" and "You & Me" (singles) were released on the compilation CDs Out Music (produced by Digital Force) and The Voice Box (produced by One Nation Underground). Laura has two prior recordings: Little Pieces, a collection of live recordings, and Laura Wolfe, a four-song demo. SIREN is Laura Wolfe’s debut full-length album.

Music (click on song title to hear track sample):

1.   Breathe
2.   Underworld
3.   Uma
4.   Naked
5.   Nuclear Love
6.   And She Sings
7.   Lucy
8.   Siren
9.   To the Sea
10. City Child

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Audio Cassette: Tunes For Tots

Tunes For Tots, sung by Laura Wolfe, singer/songwriter accompanied on piano by Mimi Stern-Wolfe. "Bought Me A Rooster", "The Muffin Man", "Hey Lolly -Lo", "Bingo", "Clap Your Hand" and over 15 favorite children's tunes.
Produced by Downtown Music Productions

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