Downtown Chamber and Opera Players

DOWNTOWN CHAMBER & OPERA PLAYERS present New American Opera; Children's Orchestral and Chamber Concerts; Jewish Cultural and Holocaust related concert programs; Benson AIDS Series; New and Cutting Edge Music; Traditional Chamber Music; Women's Music; Social Issues Concerts; Commissioned Works; Vocal-Mixed Recitals and Ensembles; New East Village Community Concert Series.

Downtown Chamber Trio
Illustration by Jennifer Ross

Downtown Chamber Orchestra in
"Meditations" from Mass - Leonard Bernstein
Mahagonny Songplay - Weill/Brecht
"Hoedown" from Rodeo - Aaron Copland
Peace Cry - David Hollister

Commissioned opera
Staged by Tom O'Horgan
Composer, Marshall Coid
Librettist, Ilsa Gilbert

Flyer art by Arthur Kroeger

The Tiger of Chungshan
By Nicholas Scarin
A portable children's opera.
Art by Anique Taylor

Children's Orchestral Concerts
Art by Anique Taylor

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