Composers of the Holocaust CD

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Video clip of a Labyrinth Dance Theater performance of Waltz for a Shattered World
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Labyrinth Dance Theater — Sasha Spielvogel, choreographer


Composers of the Holocaust concerts and CD of the same title---began in 1989, in presenting and performing the songs and instrumental music of composers and poets who perished in the camps of Europe.

Total Time: 66:50

Price: $15.00 (+ $5.00 for shipping and handling + any applicable sales tax)

Ongoing outreach concerts in museums, schools and throughout country.

Beauty That Survived The Beast: The Composers of the Holocaust concert of January 29, 1989 at the YM-YWHA Emanuel- El : .."well produced and extremely sad, nonetheless a joy emanated from the making of music which mirrored the composer's cultural, not political era: the 20's and 30's".--" Many of the works were first performances in this city. The silent thought in everybody's mind in the sold-out hall was "What if...".
Bert Wechsler
Daily News
January 30, 1989

Jewish Music on Disc:

Artistic Director, pianist, Mimi Stern-Wolfe with Robert Abelson, baritone; Isabelle Ganz, mezzo soprano; Marshall Coid, violinist; Humbert Lucarelli, oboist; Downtown Chamber Singers

Composers of the Holocaust . . .” A very moving recording that brings forth much emotion and thought".
Leo Summergrad
Jewish Currents, a secular, progressive monthly
March 2001Rated One of the best recordings of the year by George Robinson of Jewish Week The dozen composers represented on this excellent Downtown Music Productions recording are the victims of history in a way that almost no other composers can claim. Each died in the Shoah and, with the notable exceptions of Mordecai Gebertig and Ervin Schulhoff, the vast majority of their output was destroyed. Recordings such as this one perform a service that goes beyond the realm of musical history. That said, most of the music here is of more than historical interest, and the performances under Mimi Stern-Wolfe's baton are excellent. Understandably, a dark and brooding record, but well worth hearing." (five-star rating)
Jewish Week
. "Mimi Stern-Wolfe deserves a great deal of praise for putting together a very moving recording that brings forth much emotion and thought. The two talented [vocal] soloists, Robert Abelson, baritone, and Isabelle Ganz, lyric mezzo-soprano, sing with great feeling for the meaning of the lyrics as well as the music. In several of the songs some stanzas are sung in English as well as in the original language."
Jewish Currents


Mimi Stern-Wolfe
Artistic Director and Pianist
Marshall Coid

Bert Lucarelli
Isabelle Ganz
Robert Abelson

Downtown Chamber Singers. Ghetto Songs from Warsaw, Vilna, and Terezin
and instrumental works by Schulhoff and Haas

Mordekhai Gebirtig

"Es Brent" (3:25)
piano arr. Lazar Weiner
audio sample

Karel Svenk

"Terezín Hymn" (2:38)

audio sample

David Beigelman

"Tsigaynerlid" (4:21)
piano arr. Mimi Stern-Wolf
audio sample #1
audio sample #2

Ervin Schulhoff

"Sonata for Violin and Piano" (1924) (17:22)

1. Allegro impetuoso
2. Andante
3. Burlesca: Allegretto
4. Finale: Allegro risoluto

Martin Rosenberg
"Tsen Brider" (4:33)
piano arr. Mordechai Sheinkman

audio sample

Hirsh Glik
"Shtil, di nakht iz oysgeshternt" (3:06)
piano arr. Mimi Stern-Wolfe

audio sample
"Zog Nit Keynmol" (2:32)
to a popular tune by Dimitri Pours
audio sample

Gideon Klein
"Wiegenlied" (2:21)
melody by Shalom Charitonov
words by Emanuel Ha-Russi

audio sample

Pavel Haas

"Suite for Oboe and Piano" (1939) (14:40)
Movement #2: Con fuoco
Movement #3: Moderato

Misha Veksler

"Yisrolik" (4:38)
words by Leyb Rozenthal

audio sample

Ilse Weber

"Wiegala" (2:25)
piano arr. Mimi Stern-Wolfe

audio sample

Carlo Taube
"Ein jüdisches Kind" (2:16)
words by Erika Taube (d. 1944)

audio sample

Recording Information:
Musical Producer, Editing, and Premastering: Marnie Hall
Baritone, violin/piano sonata, and group pieces recorded by David Hancock at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in New York City.
Mezzo and oboe/piano recorded by Marnie Hall at SUNY Purchase (State University of New York).

This recording is made possible with public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.
Additional funding provided by The Jack and Belle Alpern Foundation, Rabbi N. Benjamin, Marilyn Braiger, Perry Brass, Rosalind Devon, David and Clara Dorfman, Marion Friedewald, Sheldon Harnick, Saul Kaplan, Robert Kan and Francesca Verdoner-Kan, Jay M. Kappraff, Dorothy M. Kitchell-Cassidy, Maxine McCarty, Renah K. Meyer, Irma Miller, Arthur Miller (in memoriam), Jacob Mincer, Dilly Patrick, Richard C. Peaslee and Mary Dixon Peaslee, Mark Ptashne, Frances Richard, Linda (Lynne) Salzberg, Robert Sherman, George Speisman, Anne Stanner, Phyllis Stevens, Linda Reynolds Stern, Isaac Stern, Adele M. Towbin, Valentine Schaffner, Jennifer Wolfe, Mary Woods, Hugh Young, and Burton Zipser. Thanks also to the many smaller contributors.Music Publishers:
Schulhoff published by Schott International (represented in the USA by European American Music). Haas work is published in the Czech Republic by Tempo Praha ( Prague). The songs "Tsigaynerlid," "Tsen Brider," "Shtil, di nakht iz oysgeshternt," "Zog Nit Keynmol," and "Yisrolik" were published in the Harper & Row book "Yes, We Sang" by Shoshana Kalisch with Barbara Meister. Musical arr. by Mordechai Sheinkman. Now out of print, it is sometimes available at etc.
Cover Art:
Cover Drawing: Jennifer Ross Jennifer Ross
Graphic Design: Marnie Hall


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